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About Invictus Health

We are here to get you back to your ultimate capabilities! Our focus and methodology are simple... we focus on functionality, personal care and attention to detail. Our pain management and sports medicine services are tailored to each of our patients, providing custom care for each individual situation.


What we do

Invictus Health is a Pain Management and Sports Medicine practice in Newport News, VA. Our healthcare providers have special training in preventing and treating illness and injury in adults.  The providers at Invictus Health perform pain and mobility assessment, treatment plan development, and mobility restoration treatment. Each patient is given a thorough evaluation for your condition and based on the assessment a personalized multidisciplinary treatment plan will be developed.  This plan may include medications, physical therapy, injections, and/or a coordinated referral to related specialists.  It is not our practice to prescribe narcotic or opioid medications, but to treat the patient to improve results and allow the patient to focus on healing and regaining a quality of life.



We offer a mutifaceted approach to make sure that your treatment plan is effective and progressive. We work closely with you and our experts to ensure that we are properly assessing and treating your acute and/or chronic pain symptoms. Using the most innovative technologies, we balance the use of traditional and modern techniques, while making sure that you are comfortable during your return to being fully productive.


We are here to help you, whether your status! We treat everyone from the recreational participant to the avid athlete. If you have a physical ailment that is limiting your lifestyle, we can help you. We are committed to creating a customized treatment plan for you! 


We provide the necessary tests and treatments to assess your health and get you back to yourself!  These includes referrals for MRI, x-ray and CT scan imaging as well as in office procedures such as corticosteroid pain injections, medication, nerve pain block injections, mobility assessment. We work with each patient to ensure that we are assessing and treating the right symptoms and injuries. Ide the necessary tests and treatments to assess your health and get you back to yourself!  


Through a combination of services and a customized treatment plan, we will collaborate with physical therapy to offer solutions for many pain and injury related issues that you may be experiencing. We collaborate with many local facilities to assist Our services include telehealth appointments, stroke recovery physical therapy, wellness and fitness plans, spine care and a variety of other services.

Contact us

Opening Hours

Monday-Friday: 8am to 5pm

Saturday: Closed

Sunday: Closed

1030 Loftis Blvd,

Newport News, VA 23606


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